"SoundCreatures" is an experimental installation of communication
space using sound over the Internet.  A user can be connected to a
physical robot in the exhibition space, and send it a small sound
pattern, putting dots on an 8x8 matrix by Java applet.  The robots are
moving around the field at the exhibition space, playing each musical
phrase that is coming from the Internet.

  A user in the venue can send sound effect commands to a robot, such
as octave up, tempo up, vibrato, etc. from the console near the field.

  When they collide each other in the field, they exchange their sound
pattern.  Thus a sound pattern from the Internet will infect to the
other robots, and spread to all of them in the field.  The effects of
commands from the console will also infect to the robots.  In such
way, the sounds in the venue are always changing.

  My original idea for this work came from the songs of humpback whales
and the songs of African tribe Pygmy.

SoundCreatures: movie for explanation 3.6MB (mpeg 3.7MB, 30frame 9MB)
SoundCreatures: live! at hill side plaza 1.2MB (mpeg 1.6MB)
SoundCreatures: music reconstructed from recorded data, 4.4MB
recorded sound at Ars Electronica Festival 99, 4.5MB

        SoundCreatures at Canon ARTLAB

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By sharing the same concept with the former work "SoundCreatures" (at ARTLAB8, 1998) - a sound Installation linked to the Internet, "SoundCreatures on the Web" takes the advantage of the Internet to share the sound environment at the same level for each user. In this work plural users can share the virtual space realtime to maneuver the sound exchanges by "creatures." SoundCreatures on the Web at Canon ARTLAB