Hi. This is Eto.

Here is,
"How to use fade script"

Using fade script is very easy.

Down load this script.
(If the script appears, select Save as.. or something like that.)

Include it to your html file.
Like this.
before include -> after include
It is better to include the script in the place surrounded by <head>.

If you want to do fadein,
uncomment the line in the fadein function.
Like this.
do the fadein

If you want to do fadeout,
The first, uncomment the line in the fadeout function.
Then, you have to add a parameter to <body> tag.
Add parameter onUnLoad="fadeout()" to inside the <body> tag.

Original line is here.
<body bgcolor="#ffffff">

After add parameter is here.
<body bgcolor="#ffffff" onUnLoad="fadeout()">

do the fadeout

is here.
fadein fadeout both


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